Salinas Grandes

After more than 3 hours of scenic driving we had finally reached the Argentinian salt lake called Salinas Grandes. You will see it from far, it seems a large snowy field in the middle of the valley.

There were no cars,  no people, we saw only some grazing guanaco (lama’s cousin, you can see in the video).

When we approached to the entrance we were welcomed by indigenous community that live there next to the lake. They said that the lake was “theirs” and offered us to do a tour otherwise it was impossible to be accessed. Besides, it is possible to visit a lake only if you have a car.

We paid the entrance fee (really low price)  and their guide Patricia got into our car. We drove a little bit following her indications and stopped somewhere in the middle. It is not easy navigate there because the white color dazzles the eyes and all the views seem the same, it is easy to get lost. I’am not sure we would have managed to come back without Patricia!

She told us the history of the lake, the geology and the political troubles. According to her that lake belongs to the community who have been lived there for centuries. They don’t belong to any country, they have their language, their lifestyle.

They extract the salt and sell it or exchange for other goods, grow wheat for their own consumption in nearby and raise livestock. 

They speak their local language but learn the Spanish language too.

We did other 2 or 3 stops to see some interesting views and then Patricia helped us to take some funny pictures. We love photography but we weren’t absolutely prepared! For taking this kind of pictures we should have got down on the hot salt in t-shirt and shorts. Dubious pleasure!

In this video I prepared some tips when you go to Salinas Grandes. Please have a look and if you have questions please leave them here below.

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