Before starting I would like to share with you my philosophy about traveling that says: “don’t start exploring a new country from its capital”.

But why, if we open any travel guide the main thing we find on their first pages is “how to explore the capital”… isn’t it illogical? Keep calm, and let me explain!

Usually the capital and the rest of the country seem two different areas. Not more beautiful or more interesting, but simply different. Since we must see both I just propose to explore some little towns before, understand how I works with security, prices, people’s attitude, language and after this little rehearsal to break into the megapolis.

So, in this way you will perfectly understand whether you need to leave tips in this country, what is accepted cash or card, how the transportation system works, how it is better to buy a ticket and where, how to behave on the streets, trust or not to unknown people’s offers… All this without panic, risks, waste of time and stress!

In case of Argentina it worked really well. Let me know what you think about my theory below in the comments!

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