My Argentina

With this first article in English I would love to greet you, my dear reader, and wish you “bon voyage” into our world of travels called Vidim World.
I chose Argentina as my first “writing experiment” because it was a real discovery, real adventure, very intensive and memorable. If you asked me “Do you want to repeat?” I would take my backpack immediately and go directly to the airport. 

Our travel to this wonderful South American country was more about the nature, unbelievable sceneries and animals , and less about the cities and traditions. We saw stunning sunsets and picturesque dawns, ate the
best asado and empanadas accompanied by good Argentinian beer and of course wine, talked to local people and took many pictures that we would like to share with you.

We stayed there a bit more than 2 weeks, but traveled Argentina from the Iguazù Falls on the North to the most Southern town of the World Ushuaia, from the Chile-Argentina border to the
Eastern coast on the Atlantic. And in addition we did a real preparation for that travel, explored many sources in English, Spanish and Russian to reach all the planned destinations!

8 internal flights, 3 car rentals, buses, ships and our feet…now we are ready to share all this work with you! Let’s start our journey together here, on Instagram and on Youtube, our channel is called Vidim World, follow us and comment!

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