Jujuy Province

From the Iguazù airport we took a flight to our next destination – Salta. 

In reality we were going to the extreme northwest of the country, Jujuy province, quite at the borders with Chile and Bolivia. And later we found out that in Jujuy there was an airport as well, but the cost of the flight to Salta was more convenient in those dates (the Christmas Eve). And after all the route from Salta to Jujuy was something breathtaking, we could not lose this scenic drive.

This is my favorite part of our voyage to Argentina, the most colourful and warm…Warm not because of temperature but because of human kindness and authenticity of this region, so beautiful and absolutely “non-touristy” (in some zones there was no phone/internet connection). We stayed in a hotel that was like a real “rancho” with horses and lamas, in front of the majestic mountains that were looking at us from above.

This part of Argentina was and still is populated by the indigenous people, who have been living there for centuries. We had an opportunity to speak to some of them about their lifestyle and buy some their handmade products, unique and very nice.

But the most interesting for us part was the Jujuy Province nature: Altiplano, the colorful mountains peaks that reach 5000 meters, the sierras and the real salt mines. The picturesque road in the middle of mountains, enormous cactus, lamas and guanacos crossing the road and loss of oxygen at an altitude.

When I call this region non-touristy I mean that there were no cars, no people, and in our hotel in Huacalera there were only us and other 3 families. The prices in the restaurants are more than acceptable and there we tried the best empanadas in all the country.

But let’s see everything step by step…

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