Have you ever been in the jungle by night? 

If the answer is “never” you have a chance to experience it for the first time here in Argentina.

Iguazù Falls (or Cataratas de Iguazù) are situated at the junction of Argentina,  Brazil and Paraguay borders in the middle of the enormous National Park, full of subtropical flora and fauna.

You can visit the park from all 3 sides, and there are millions of visitors  (too many I’d said), but the Argentinian one can offer you something special.

A couple of nights a month when the moon becomes full the park is open for the 3-hour tour…by night! In the middle of the jungle!

You can breathe the freshness of the humid air, listen to the water splash  and meat some real park habitants like many kinds of birds, lizards, coatis or maybe you are lucky to see someone else!

Every time the tour is different because sometimes the moon is embraced by the clouds, sometimes is not, sometimes you can see the stars, every sound and noise is a pure improvisation of that exact moment that nature give us.

The unique problem is the weather. If it rains the tour will be probably cancelled. Anyway you will get the notification at least 2 hours before and in case you leave and can’t rebook the ticket will be refunded.

That trail is mysterious and definitely different from simple visit in the middle of crowds during the day. It is necessary to book the tour in advance.  You can do it here
After a brief guidelines explanation you will go by the Ecological Train into the heart of the Selva with its aromas, shadows and sounds. Then the trekking part will start, please prepare your shoes! 

Enjoy your night into the jungle!

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