What to do in Barcelona in 36 Hours


You arrived in Barcelona for the weekend and don’t know where to start?

Here are 5 places to visit that will help you feel the atmosphere and irresistibility of this magical city!

1. Cathedral of St. Cross and St. Eulalia (or Barcelona Cathedral).

The residence of the Archbishop of Barcelona is located here, in the main cathedral of the city, and not in the Sagrada Familia, as many think. This architectural monument is located in the Barrio Gothic and will leave no one indifferent to its grandeur and size. Indifferent will not leave you even the unusual tenant of the courtyard: 13 beautiful white geese. The number and color are not random. In fact, the white color symbolizes the purity of the innocent Eulalia, who, at only 13 years old, was martyred at the hands of the pagans.

2. Cable car on the hill of MontJuic (the Teleférica de Montjuic).

The best way to see Barcelona in its entirety is to observe it from the sky. Doing it is really simple and worth it! Just get to the Teleférica de Montjuic and buy a ticket directly at the Estacion Parque de Montjuic (adults round-trip , 12, children .

Climbing to the top of Montjuic Hill, you’ll be thrilled by the view: forget about mobile phones and cameras: just enjoy it!

Once at the top of Montjuic Hill you can then visit the fortress of the same name. For those who want to, you can walk down and find yourself directly in the beautiful Plaza de Espa’a.

3. Sagrada Familia

This is our fourth time in Barcelona and during the three previous trips we have never been able to enter the Sagrada Familia: always closed for restoration work. We finally made it, even buying the “jump row” entrance tickets in advance. What we saw inside cannot be described in an article. We strongly recommend that you go there and enjoy Gaudì’s wonderful architecture. A mixture of genius and madness, which I hope to see to each of you!

4. Barceloneta waterfront

For early risers at 7am and go for a walk, or even better a run, on the Barceloneta waterfront, it’s an unforgettable experience. Early in the morning you can see an unusual Barcelona, still sleepy, quiet. A silent Barcelona, with the empty beach, the calm sea, the bright rays of the rising sun, with the smell of coffee and vanilla coming from the nearby cafés. Pure relaxation!

5. El Raval District

Dedicated to lovers of sculpture and unusual photos! Walking in the “El Raval” district we came across an unusual specimen of modern art – El Gato de Botero. This cat has changed several places in 16 years while searching for his home. Now it is the symbol of the area and can become the protagonist of your selfies, find it! The area itself is very authentic, with large courtyards and small balconies. Morning walk through the almost deserted streets – in our opinion a great start to the day!